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Buy your future house in Portugal remotely with virtual tours

360º virtual tour, real estate guided tour by videoconference…

360 Virtual Tours solutions to buy remotely a property in Portugal

The Tagus Property real estate agency offers virtual tours 360º and a new live guided tour by videoconference service to facilitate remote property purchases in Portugal.

These offers are available for all types of properties, houses, villas, apartments, luxury real estate, or new developments.

This solution is attractive to both buyers and owners thanks to the means implemented by the agency to facilitate a remote purchase or to enhance the value of a property for sale.

The current period confirms that this trend will continue and that more and more buyers will be reluctant to travel abroad just to check whether an apartment or a house matches the description of the advertisement made on a real estate portal or on an agency’s website.

On the other hand, owners appreciate this new, non-intrusive, and innovative way of visiting. Indeed, they are no longer bothered by visits from potential buyers with little or no qualifications because of a low-quality real estate ad.

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Who uses our virtual property tour services in Portugal?

1) Customers who wish to buy remotely

Many of our clients trust us, and already use our virtual tours to buy a property remotely as the majority of them live abroad, and do not want to (or cannot) travel to visit properties in Portugal.

2) Clients who wish to validate a property before a physical visit on-site

Another advantage of virtual tours is that they allow a client to confirm his interest in the property and avoid unnecessary travel.

This is all the more true, given that these days we will tend more and more to limit our travel.

Real estate guided tours in Portugal by videoconference

We also offer live property visits by videoconference, as these have some significant advantages.

In practice, to be able to make web-conference visits, you just need to make a personalized appointment with our agency or to register for one of the visits already scheduled. Like a video sharing, the real estate agent gives access to the virtual tour thanks to the camera of a smartphone through Facetime, Whatsapp, Facebook Live, or other live communication software.

He presents each room in real-time, with the possibility of intervening during the video to ask questions or by returning to a room to be clarified a particular point. This visit is playful, interactive, and very close to a physical visit.

This type of visit by videoconference makes it possible to:

Whether you are an owner or a buyer, these 2 types of virtual tours have many advantages.

At TagusProperty we have decided to propose these new technological methods as a real alternative to physical visits. These tools offer a real experience of a visit from all angles and increasingly meet the needs of our international customers who come from all over the world, to be able to easily project themselves in a place without moving and to be able to make their choice in complete peace of mind, thanks to these remote decision support tools.

It is clear that most of the time there is no substitute for physical presence to make an offer and make a purchase.

This upstream work that we carry out for our clients proves to be a real time-saver for all parties involved in a transaction, and considerably increases the efficiency of a purchase/sale.

If you are a property owner-seller or buyer, do not hesitate to contact us.

TagusProperty is a specialist in remote real estate purchase in Portugal.

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