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Portugal is the best destination in the world and wins 13 tourism Oscars

For the third consecutive year, Portugal has been voted the best place on the planet to visit. The Oscars rain in 2019 also includes Lisbon, Madeira or the Passadiços do Paiva. Tourism continues to be Portugal’s strongest brand image, which has just won the world’s best destination ‘Oscar’ for the third consecutive year at the […]

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Portugal Real Estate: Lisbon, one of the most attractive cities in Europe

Lisbon, a small capital on the European scale, is far from being the most attractive city for foreign investments but this does not stop investors from recognizing its great potential.  Uncertainty and instability are among the most commonly mentioned words in the latest study carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) […]

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The rehabilitation of buildings in Lisbon is back to its pre-crisis numbers

The tourism industry is an important factor behind the figures recorded for the rehabilitation of properties. The renovation of buildings is increasing in Lisbon, especially in the Chiado and Bairro Alto districts. From January to June 2016, 27 residential buildings have been rebuilt, mostly to expand the offering on the local housing market. Tourism has […]

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The price of properties in the Baixa and Chiado districts has gone up by 30% in one year.

Average values are around 4,000 euros/m2, but some apartments have already reached 10,000 euros/m2, a price similar to Paris. The housing market has started to recover, but it is in Lisbon that the prices have risen, more particularly in the city centre, in Chiado, Avenida da Liberdade and Bairro Alto. Here, the increases were between […]

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The Portuguese economy is doing better, now is a good time to buy

The Portuguese economy is doing better, it is time to invest in real estate Recovery of the economy and real estate investments in Portugal According to the Bank of Portugal, the Portuguese economy continues to recover. Property prices are rising strongly: 3.66% (2.78% in real terms) in Portugal in January 2016 compared to the previous […]

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Mortgages in the European Union

Mortgage rates at their lowest Most of the countries of the European Union offer historically low mortgage rates, which continue to boost the residential market. The average loan rate in the European Union (EU) is indeed 2.53%, according to the European Mortgage Federation (EMF). The trend is clearly downward for rates in almost all markets, […]

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Evolution of the real estate market in Portugal

Real estate market conditions in Portugal  Economy: In 2015, economic growth in Portugal was 1.5%, higher for example than that of France (1.2%). Portuguese GDP (179 billion €) is lower than that of France (2184 billion €); the Portuguese unemployment rate (12.6%) is higher than that of France (10.4%). Demography: Portugal has 10 million inhabitants […]

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Real Estate: the French, top foreign buyers in Portugal

According to Portuguese statistics, in the first quarter of 2016 the French have, for the first time, become the top foreign buyers in the country. They are ahead of the British and the Chinese. The taste of the French for Portuguese real estate seems to continue and even expand from month to month. According to […]

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The tax on property assets above €600,000 is going up

The tax on property assets above €600,000 is going up in Portugal.  Portugal increases the tax on property assets of over 600,000 euros. Minor scare just as the IMF recently worried about the record level of global debt… Portugal should, in the coming months, tax the most expensive property assets to fund pensions. According to […]

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