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You are resident in Portugal or abroad and you would like to sell your property in Lisbon or the Algarve region, but you are short of time, you are not based locally, you would like some advice from an expert on the value of your property, in short, you would like to delegate the sale to an established real estate market professional in Portugal.




Valuation of your property in accordance with the current market,


Optimal visibility of your offer


A unique and controlled set of information with a rewarding presentation


Selection of buyers before the visits


Secure transaction

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TAGUS PROPERTY, a Portuguese real estate agency values your property, deals with the administrative process, the sale, the visits, as well as the drafting of the reservation and the preliminary contract through our legal service specializing in real estate.


Knowledge of real estate market prices in Portugal

To choose TAGUS PROPERTY is to multiply your chances to sell at the right price in the best timeline.

TAGUS PROPERTY is the real estate specialist for foreigners looking to invest in or sell a property in Lisbon and the surrounding region.

Our multilingual and multicultural team has extensive experience in Portuguese real estate and is passionate about their business, the negotiation and the success of all our clients’ projects.

How does it work?

  1. Initial contact to discuss your proposed sale
  2. Valuation of your property
  3. Signature of the sale mandate
  4. Preparation of the property presentation
  5. Publication of the offer through our network
  6. Visits by potential buyers
  7. Communication of offers from potential buyers
  8. Negotiation
  9. Drafting and signature of the preliminary purchase/sale contract
  10. Drafting and signature of the deed of sale

Our bespoke services for the sale of your luxury property in Portugal

1. Valuation of your property in accordance with the current market, considering several factors:

As you can see, selling at the right price is essential to the success of your project.

2 – Optimal visibility of your offer

3- A unique and controlled set of information with a rewarding presentation

The quality and exclusivity of the presentation of your property is essential to giving future buyers the desire to visit and buy.

4- Selection of buyers before the visits

As neither the seller nor the buyer have time to waste, we filter potential buyers in advance and strive to carry out targeted and quality visits in line with our client’s searches.


Looking to sell an apartment in Lisbon, a villa or a property in the Algarve? Our real estate agency will assist you in this process!

Complete the form below and our representatives will contact you to define the best strategy for the sale of your property.

5 – Secure transaction

Thanks to our agents’ experience and our legal service dedicated to real estate transactions, we support our clients each step of the way during the sale process, from the signature of the sale mandate to the signature of the deed of sale.

TAGUS PROPERTY is accredited (registration No 13266) by the Institute of Construction and Real Estate, the official Portuguese organization in charge of regulating and checking professionalism in the trades linked to real estate services.

Pitfalls to avoid

Our fees

Agency fees relating to the purchase/sale of real estate in Portugal are charged to sellers and are generally 5% excluding VAT.

Our agents are experts in the real estate market in Lisbon and Algarve.

We travel and visit many properties in Lisbon and in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal. We have full knowledge of the real estate market prices.

We will support you and advise you during all the stages of the sale of your property!

“We are a dedicated team of experienced Property Finders in Portugal to guide you through every stage.”