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Tagus Property supports you in the success of your real estate project in Portugal

This innovative activity is aimed primarily at buyers, individuals or professionals, who do not have the time to prospect and visit, or who do not live on site. The property hunter offers an expert service. Mandated by the buyer, he carries out the selections and preliminary visits on his behalf. Resolutely listening to the buyer, he or she accompanies and advises him or her objectively throughout the search, and assists him or her in signing the preliminary contract and the final deed. Holder of a professional card, he is only paid for the performance of his mission, in the same way as a traditional real estate agent.

Research and negotiation work dedicated to the buyer

To make it easier for you to buy in Portugal

  • Market knowledge: our hunters have lived in Portugal for more than 20 years.
  • Decades of accumulated experience
  • Network of hundreds of partners
  • Reactivity
  • Adaptability and persuasiveness
  • Negotiating power
  • Multilingual Property Hunting Team
  • Our customers come from all over the world
  • We have a powerful network (Real estate agencies, notaries, banks, private individuals)
  • Effective visits
  • No wasted time, we take care of everything
  • 100% on the buyer’s side
  • Tailor-made support
  • Turnkey concept
  • Payment to the result
  • I don’t have time to do all the work
  • I’m not local.
  • I can’t find the property that suits me
  • I can’t negotiate at the best price
  • I need support for my first purchase
  • I would like to invest in real estate
  • I need some advice
  • I want tailor-made support
  • I only want to visit properties that are worth it
  • I need legal support
  • I need post-purchase services

“We are a dedicated team of experienced Property Finders in Portugal to guide you through every stage.”

What is a property hunter in Portugal?

He’s a real estate professional. As an intermediary involved in the negotiation of a real estate sale. He is the holder of the professional card (AMI card in Portugal), has taken out civil liability and financial guarantee insurance, and undertakes not to receive any funds before the actual conclusion of the sale.

If the real estate agent is mandated by the seller to sell his property, the real estate hunter is mandated by the buyer, to help him find his property, to substitute himself for him in selections and visits, and to negotiate while taking the best care of his interests.

Our mission is mainly to “hunt”/search properties in its region, on behalf of overwhelmed buyers, who do not live in the prospecting sector, who have little knowledge of the market, or who simply wish to mandate a real estate market expert to meet their specific needs.

Our hunting ground: the entire local real estate market, through the professionals with whom it maintains long-term partnership relationships, in total transparency, but also individual sellers, notaries or other institutional business providers.

Our personalized service offers our customers: saving time and travel, objective advice, organization and support throughout the purchase project.

Having a perfect knowledge of the local real estate market, available and attentive, we are attentive to the specific needs of our buyer customers, and select the main properties in accordance with your specifications.

We are involved in the negotiation of the purchase price, we advise you, assist you and monitor the proper execution of the various contractual and legal acts.

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Tagus Property processes personal data as part of its commercial relationship with its clients. More.

“Today, nearly 3 out of 5 UK people believe it is difficult to buy a property abroad”

In addition to very high real estate prices, our clients often encounter many obstacles when searching for a house or apartment abroad: many hours of research to identify potentially interesting properties, to find out about them (especially if you do not speak Portuguese), to visit them and to find an agreement on the price.

Before buying a house or apartment, it is necessary to search at length on real estate ad sites, identify properties often presented by different agencies with different prices and sometimes contradictory or obsolete information. Our technology allows us to search among several real estate portals and agency sites simultaneously and thus to compare and group the most interesting properties for our clients.

Very often, it is necessary to travel to actually visit the property location and environment, because there is not enough information in the ad (lack of photos, description too limited, etc..). This results in many unnecessary visits. In short, finding a home that meets your essential criteria and budget is often part of the fighter’s journey. Why don’t you get help from Tagus Property?

The differences between a real estate agent and a property hunter in Portugal

Real estate agency in Portugal vs Real estate hunter

First of all, real estate agencies in Portugal work in the SELLER’s interest, because it is she who is responsible for selling the property in question, that is her objective. The real estate agency therefore works for the sale, at the highest possible price, in accordance with the agreement made with the SELLER, who pays it.

On the other hand, the property hunter works for and in the interest of the BUYER. Our goal is to find you the perfect property, in accordance with your criteria and budget. TAGUS PROPERTY is active to find the property and negotiates the price down, always to the benefit of the BUYER.

These are 2 different but complementary professions, one working on behalf of the seller and the other on behalf of the buyer.

At TAGUS PROPERTY, our hunters work in partnership with hundreds of local real estate agencies to find you the ideal property as soon as possible.

In Lisbon, and more generally in Portugal, the real estate market is currently very tight. That’s why you have to react quickly and know how to find the best offers. This is where your TAGUS PROPERTY hunter comes in, a professional who is always attentive to the market and in contact with the main players in real estate sales.

Benefit from our network

Private sellers

Real estate agents




Our real estate hunters are real experts in the prestigious real estate market in Portugal. Indeed, for years, they have been travelling and visiting the Portuguese capital as well as the Algarve and the Silver Coast and are perfectly informed about the prices of the m2.

. Tagus Property, a specialist in high-end real estate, gives you a lot of information (types of property, neighbourhood life, prices, etc.) about Lisbon and the southern region as far as the Algarve.

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Our mission: to defend your interests

Why sign a representation agreement with Tagus Property:

Your benefits:


Partners and real estate professionals who allow us to offer you the best properties for sale in Portugal


Benefit from almost all the offers for sale on the market thanks to us


studies of real estate projects in Portugal

15 ans

Experience in real estate, economic and technological intelligence

Our Commitments

Our method to find your apartment or house in Portugal

We look for tailor-made properties for our clients that meet their criteria. You will thus have a single point of contact and advisor who will assist you throughout your project.

Step 1: Specifications

Define your specifications on our project page: Criteria, Objective, Lifestyle, Sector, Budget…

Step 2: Custom Research

Tailor-made research with our partners: Agencies, Banks, Individuals, Property Merchants…

Step 3: Selection of properties

Selection and presentation of properties by e-mail: Description, Environment, Photos, Price displayed…

Step 4: Debriefing

Exchange on the selection of properties: Debriefing in relation to properties presented for validation or refinement of research, Predictions of selected properties

Step 5: Visit of properties

Preparation of your stay on site: Organisation and assistance during the visits, Advice on the properties visited, Profitability studies, estimates for works, architect, etc

Step 6: Offer to Purchase

Assistance and advice during negotiations with the seller

Step 7: Legal assistance

Verification of the conformity of the documents relating to the property (title deed, licences, etc.), Drafting of the promise to buy/sell contract, Assistance and support during the signature of the Authentic Deed of Purchase, handing over of the keys

Post-purchase options

  • Opening of water, electricity and internet accounts
  • Option : Address book (all our contacts are French-speaking)
  • Tax lawyer, RNH specialist, real estate law specialist
  • Notary public
  • Concierge company, short-term rental management (Airbnb, etc.)
  • Banks for account opening and property financing
  • Architects
  • Craftsmen
  • Accountants

Our guarantees

Covered by Professional Liability Insurance

Member of APEMIP – Association of Real Estate Professionals in Portugal

Member of IMPIC – Institute of Public Procurement, Real Estate and Construction

Our results


2,5 months

250 000€

5,5 visits

What type of property are you looking for in Lisbon or the Algarve?


The Portuguese real estate market offers high quality properties at affordable prices. It is a good option for real estate investment in Europe, especially in the residential tourism sector.