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The Portuguese economy is doing better, now is a good time to buy

The Portuguese economy is doing better, it is time to invest in real estate

Recovery of the economy and real estate investments in Portugal

According to the Bank of Portugal, the Portuguese economy continues to recover. Property prices are rising strongly: 3.66% (2.78% in real terms) in Portugal in January 2016 compared to the previous year. These percentages are based on the figures presented by Statistics Portugal.

After several years of depression, Portuguese property prices began to recover in 2014. Sales increased strongly in 2016 with a greater number of investors/buyers buying a second home/holiday home in Portugal.

Property construction in Portugal has been declining in recent years. Nevertheless, there are signs of recovery. The number of new property developments increased by 20.2% (8,153 properties) in 2015 compared to the previous year and, slowly but surely, new properties nearing completion are available on the Portuguese market.

It is time to invest in your (second) home in Portugal as the property prices are still low and the economy is recovering.