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Peniche property market in 2022- Price per sqm meter to buy a home – Silver Coast – Portugal

Find out the price per sqm of real estate: flat or house in Peniche, Portugal. Follow the prices of the property market in Mafra in 2022.

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Average price per sqm in Peniche in 2022 ~ 2 100€/sqm

Information on the purchase prices for a house or an apartment in Peniche, in both old and new.

Average property prices per m2 in Peniche

LocationType of propertyAverage selling price
PenicheApartement2 400€/sqm
PenicheHouse / Villa1 800€/sqm

Today, Peniche lives mainly from tourism thanks to its magnificent beaches along the coast, Supertubos, Baleal, with perfect conditions for surfing and bodyboarding, which attract hundreds of amateurs and professionals of wave sports.

Currently, the municipality has launched a rehabilitation programme for the city that should contribute to the restoration, modernization and improvement of its buildings and their environment, including infrastructure, green spaces, and public facilities.

Peniche is a living region that is committed to the future.

Real estate prices in Peniche are very low for a seaside town just over an hour from Lisbon. A seaside town close to Lisbon, the countryside or many beaches.

For the purchase of a property in Peniche, count a price range between 1 800€ and 2 400€ per sqm for renovated properties or with a sea view.

Peniche is a choice real estate investment city in Portugal for a main residence or to spend your retirement there.
If you are looking for a small seaside town in Portugal for your future retirement, Peniche offers very interesting investment opportunities at affordable prices.

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In summary

Peniche is a region of great natural beauty with enviable landscapes, with a vast historical, cultural and religious heritage.

This city, which is the westernmost in continental Europe, is based on a peninsula with a perimeter of about 10 km, its western end being Cabo Carvoeiro. Its coast is formed by imposing rocks and magnificent beaches suitable for swimming, of a large area, leaning over the ocean in a constant parade of surprising aspects to amaze the eyes of visitors. Bordering Peniche, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, to the west, is the Berlenga archipelago.

Good to know

  • Western Portugal Region
  • Population: 27,753
  • Surface area: 78 Km²

Some figures…

  • Porto: 260 km – 2h30 by motorway
  • Lisbon: 94 km – 1h20 by motorway
  • Óbidos: 25 km
  • Faro: 365 km – 3h30 – by the highway
  • Nearest airport: Lisbon: 90 km – 1h15 minutes by car
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Peniche is located in the Western Portugal

Peniche is a city on the Silver Coast of Portugal

Peniche: the waves capital

Since ancient times, Peniche has seen its territory occupied by people who, exploiting available natural resources, have seen fishing and agriculture as its main economic sources. As a result, a large part of its cultural heritage reflects these activities and its port remains one of the most important fishing ports in Portugal. It is also known for the art of bobbin lace, which women perfected while men went to sea.

From its architectural heritage stands out the fortress that served as protection against maritime invasions later used as a prison, it currently houses the Peniche Municipal Museum. The churches throughout the municipality reflect the local architectural richness.

Facing Peniche, at a distance of 10 km, you will appreciate the Berlengas archipelago, a bastion of nature in an almost wild state.

Composed of 3 groups of islets – Estelas, Farilhões and Berlenga – the Berlengas archipelago is a legally protected area, integrated into nature reserves by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2011.

Its translucent waters are ideal for divers who find a natural sanctuary of marine life.

Berlenga, the largest island, is the ideal place for those seeking tranquility, as the island has a maximum capacity of 350 people. To get to know it, you can follow the paths that lead to the caves, the fortress of São João Baptista or simply find good places to enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

Neighborhood Life in Peniche

Berlengas Islands

Off the coast of Peniche is the Berlengas Islands. This small archipelago, a priori desert, apart from a few small fishermen’s houses and a Fort, is full of life!

Surfing in Peniche

The town of Peniche is best known to surfers: it is a favourite spot for them! Go by the Praia de Medao Grande beach (“Supertubos”) and try it!

Fortress of Peniche

Visit the fortress of Peniche to learn more about the history of the country, which became a political prison during the period of dictatorship in Portugal.


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