Real estate market in Torres Vedras – Portugal 2021

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Property market in Torres Vedras

Prices per m2 at purchase in Torres Vedras in 2021 ~1,000€ to 1,600€

In summary

Close to Lisbon, be surprised by a region full of attractions for those who love contrasting landscapes, history, sport, gastronomy and friendly and very festive people. Welcome to the town of Torres Vedras!

Located in the western region, Torres Vedras has been populated by man since antiquity. Its historical and architectural heritage testifies to a very rich past.

Torres Vedras is located 46 kilometres north of Lisbon, in the middle of a plain, on the left bank of the Lizandro river, protected by a hill topped by a castle.

Good to know

  • Western Portugal Region
  • Population: 74,839
  • Surface area: 407 Km²
  • Municipalities: 20

Some few figures….

  • Porto: 275 km – 2h35 by motorway
  • Lisbon: 50 km – 45 minutes by motorway
  • Faro: 315 km – 3h00 – by the highway
  • Nearest airport: Lisbon: 45 km – 40 minutes by car
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Torres Vedras is located in the West Region of Portugal

Torres Vedras is a city on the Silver Coast of Portugal

Torres Vedras: between vineyards and ocean

This city was conquered by the Romans, Goths and Alans, thanks to its geographical location and the richness of its territory. The castle was crucial in the defence of the country during the French invasions thanks to the Torres lines and the Fort of S. Vicente which dates back to that time.

Torres Vedras, the largest municipality in the Lisbon district, is a place full of charm, fertile and colourful land and history where industry is very important and hosts a large number of ceramic factories, workshops, fields and agricultural farms.

It is also distinguished by its agricultural and wine-growing tradition, with extensive vineyards that produce a pleasant variety of wines. Considered to be the country’s wine capital and elected European City of Wine in 2018 – Torres Vedras – is one of the Portuguese municipalities with the greatest tradition and production of red, white and rosé wines.

The cuisine is varied and rich, with sea and land dishes and its internationally renowned pastry, the Feijão pastel.

You will appreciate its historic centre where the narrow pedestrian streets full of shops retrace the experience of a dynamic city, in a contrast of modernity that integrates history. Its alleys, roads and paths always lead to a discovery, whether it is a centuries-old fountain, a welcoming transient or a Gothic, Manueline or Renaissance style church.

Torres Vedras has about 20 km of coastline where you can find beaches of rare beauty such as Santa Cruz, Santa Rita or the beautiful and wild Praia Azul, with all the animation of a resort. But also golf courses, equestrian centres, hotels and swimming pools and also the spas of Cucos and Vimeiro, very popular for the therapeutic qualities of their waters.

The city’s most famous event is undoubtedly its carnival, which attracts thousands of visitors every year and is known as “Portugal’s most Portuguese” because it maintains the parades and allegorical parades of decorated cars, since the 1920s, without giving in to foreign influences.

The city and its neighbouring municipalities have developed into a tourist destination, especially since the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, many have chosen Torres Vedras as their favourite destination, both in search of peace and quiet and the beach.

A word from the real estate expert in Torres Vedras

“Torres Vedras has become in recent years a very good alternative in the choice of life of many foreigners and Portuguese who wish to settle there for obvious reasons: close to Lisbon, it is a good option for those who want to live close to the capital while enjoying affordable property prices, compared to those in the centre of Lisbon.
Torres Vedras has a good cultural and educational offer, a low crime rate and good public health services.”
Real estate prices in Torres Vedras are very attractive for this provincial city less than an hour from Lisbon. For the purchase of a property in Torres Vedras, count a range between 1.000€ and 1.600€ per m² for renovated properties.

Torres Vedras is a good choice for real estate investment in Portugal for a main residence or for retirement.
If you are looking for a small town in Portugal for your future main residence (NHR application, retirement), Torres Vedras offers very interesting investment opportunities at affordable prices.

“Thanks to our analysis of the real estate market in the Torres Vedras region, our knowledge of the specificities of the Torres Vedras region, and our excellent knowledge of the sector, TAGUS PROPERTY offers you the best investment opportunities in the Torres Vedras region. »

Average price per m2 in Torres Vedras: between €1,000 and €1,600/m²

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Torres Vedras: evolution and market outlook

Information on the purchase prices for a house or an apartment in Torres Vedras, in both old and new.

Average property prices per m2 in Torres Vedras

LocationType of propertyLowest average selling priceMost expensive average selling price
Torres VedrasApartement1.000€/m21.600€/m2
Torres VedrasHouse / Villa900€/m21.500€/m2

Neighborhood Life in Torres Vedras


The Torres Vedras Lines are fortifications that are part of the city’s main heritage. These lines were secretly built during the Spanish and Portuguese wars in order to stop the enemy offensive.


The Carnival of Torres Vedras is known for its satire, with depictions of famous people, politics and football.

From March 1 to 6, all roads lead to the Torres Vedras Carnival!


Also take time to have lunch in a restaurant with good local cuisine and climb (the best is by car!) behind the castle, north of Rio Sizandro, to enter the Fort of São Vicente, one of the important fortifications “das Linhas de Torres”.


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