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Caldas da Rainha Property market in 2022 – Price per sqm meter to buy a home – Silver Coast – Portugal

Find out the price per sqm of properties: flat or house in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Follow the prices of the property market in Mafra in 2022.

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Average price per sqm in Caldas da Rainha in 2022 (city centre) ~1,500€/sqm

Information on the purchase prices for a house in Caldas da Rainha or an apartment in Caldas da Rainha, in both old and new.

LocationType of propertyAverage selling price
Caldas da Rainha Apartement1.500€/sqm
Caldas da Rainha House / Villa1.500€/sqm

Real estate prices in Caldas da Rainha are among the most attractive in Portugal for a provincial city less than an hour from Lisbon. A city very easily accessible to Lisbon, the countryside or the beaches of its coast. For the purchase of a property in Caldas da Rainha, count ~1.500€ per sqm for quality properties. Caldas da Rainha can be considered as a good investment option in Portugal for a main residence or for retirement. If you are looking for a city in Portugal for your future main residence (NHR application, retirement), this region offers very good investment opportunities, at prices that are still very affordable.

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In summary

Hospitality, health, tradition, creativity. The city of Caldas da Rainha is a hidden treasure where you will want to take refuge. Discover its charms!

As Ramalho Ortigão wrote: “Caldas da Rainha is the centre of the most historic and picturesque region in the country”.

Founded by Queen Dona Leonor in 1495, the city grew around the Thermal Hospital which, after five centuries of existence, continues to welcome hundreds of followers each year who take care of themselves and rest in these baths.

Its hard-working and hospitable inhabitants, living mainly from agriculture, the ceramics industry and commerce, offer those who visit it the warmth of their welcome and their five centuries of history, full of nobles and great events.

Good to know

  • Western Portugal Region
  • Population: 51,729
  • Surface area: 256 Km²
  • Municipalities: 12
  • Caldas da Rainha is about 90 km from Lisbon – 1 hour

Some figures…

  • Porto: 230 km – 2h00 by motorway
  • Lisbon: 90 km – 55 minutes by motorway
  • Faro: 345 km – 3h10 – by the highway
  • Nearest airport: Lisbon: 90 km – 1h10 by car
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Caldas da Rainha is located inWestern Portugal

Caldas da Rainha is a city on the Silver Coast of Portugal

Caldas da Rainha: The City of Arts and Tourism

In the municipality, the appetite is strengthened by the gastronomy closely linked to the Atlantic, fish and seafood being the main specialities, as well as Aguardente da Lourinhã, renowned for its superior quality.

You will enjoy Caldas da Rainha and its waterfront, the beaches of Salir do Porto and Foz do Arelho. The latter, privileged by its nature, which, appearing between the lagoon of Óbidos and the sea, becomes the ideal place to practice water sports and fishing.

Unlike the coast, Caldas has rural landscapes, steeped in history and rich in trees, where a thriving agriculture of fruit and vegetables supplies the traditional fruit market on a daily basis.

The landscape is divided between the green of the fields and the blue of the sea, well represented by the cosmopolitan beach of Foz do Arelho.

Caldas da Rainha is a lively and vibrant city in the Leiria district, located on the Silver Coast, in the heart of Extremadura, it has become a popular tourist destination, being a preferred place to have a second home. Its location, only 8 km from some of the best beaches in the region and only 1 hour from Lisbon, makes it the ideal place to settle and explore some of the surrounding medieval and fishing villages.

Real estate: Market in urban renovation, public investment program, there are many apartments and houses.

This spa town, renowned for its sulphurous waters adapted to the treatment of dermatological and bone problems, offers not only magnificent rural tourism houses, but also excellent opportunities for shopping and water sports, such as hot-air balloon rides, hang-gliding, windsurfing, jet skiing

Neighborhood Life in Caldas da Rainha

Caldas da Rainha Fruit & Vegetable Market

Discover the Caldas da Rainha fruit and vegetable market, which is one of the most famous in Portugal. A colourful market in a small square surrounded by equally colourful houses. One of the local specialities: the pear or “pera rocha”.

Parc Dom Carlos I

Walking in the Dom Carlos I park. This park was redesigned at the end of the 19th century to serve as a walking area for the patients of the thermal hospital. Crying willows, palm trees, flowers, grass, statues and water features bring charm and freshness.

Faience Factory Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro

This earthenware factory, founded in 1884, is still in operation. In the adjoining shop, you can buy some models of old earthenware still made with the original moulds, or more recent items of the same inspiration.


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