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Bairro Alto property market in 2022 / 2023 – Prices per sqm meter to buy a home in Lisbon – Portugal

The Bairro Alto housing market report in 2022-2023 summarises key trends in real estate prices in this area of Lisbon. The analysis covers residencial prices (houses, villas, apartments) and new developments. The report primarily draws on publicly available datasets. This housing market report is updated regularly.


What is the average purchase price of a home in Bairro Alto?

Information updated: October 10, 2022

Bairro Alto prices per sqm in 2022 ~ 6 500€

Information on the average purchase price for a home in Bairro Alto. Average property prices per sqm and by category of property (flat/apartment/villa/house)

LocationProperty typeAverage selling price per sqm
Bairro AltoFlat / Apartment6 500€/sqm

A word from Bairro Alto’s real estate expert in Lisbon

«Bairro Alto is located in the historic heart of Lisbon Bairro Alto is busy day and night, reasonably priced apartments can be found, but they are small and generally without parking in this central district of Lisbon. The purchase prices being already quite high, the potential for growth may be quite limited.»

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At a Glance

Welcome to Bairro Alto

The high district (in Portuguese) is a popular neighbourhood of Lisbon composed primarily of cobbled streets, old houses and small shops. Built at the end of the 16th century following a roughly octagonal shape, Bairro Alto is one of the most picturesque districts in the city. With countless bars, restaurants, fado venues, it has been the best-known area of Lisbon’s night life since the 1980s, and is now highly prized as a living district by the younger generation. The price per square metre in Bairro Alto remains reasonable.

There are good deals to be had in Lisbon and quality properties available, even if, often, a lot of work is required.
Depending on the notoriety of the district, the quality and the location of the building, prices can double.
Things to see and do in Bairro Alto!

Good to know

  • Bairro Alto is one of the best-known districts of Lisbon. Everyone has read or heard about this special area, located on one of the seven hills of Lisbon.
  • Criss-crossed with narrow streets, this part of the city is mainly known as one of the top nightlife spots.
    Its daily activity actually begins early, with boutiques and Portuguese fashion designer galleries, then it is the turn of all types of restaurants, from the most basic to upmarket and finally at night with its countless bars, clubs and fado venues which remain full until the small hours of the morning.
    Bairro Alto is a very central district.
  • It is very easy to walk to Chiado or walk down to Rossio and in Baixa by using the Gloria funicular.

Some figures…

  • Carcavelos Beach: 20 minutes by train (Cais do Sodré)
  • Cascais: 40 minutes by train (Cais do Sodré)
  • Airport: Humberto Delgado Lisbon Airport : 20 minutes’ drive
  • Train station: Rossio Train Station : 20 minutes’ walk
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Bairro Alto is located in downtown Lisbon

Bairro Alto – a picturesque quarter dating from the 1500s

Characterised by the alternative countercultures of the city, all tastes are catered for here: punk, gay, metal, goth, hip-hop and reggae to name a few. Fado also contributes in large part to the charm of the district, but avoid the more touristic fado venues where passers-by are enticed into expensive fado bars owned by chic owners. Fado is often performed in restaurants and clubs around Bairro Alto, but the best fado venues are generally found off the beaten tracks. A new interesting characteristic of Bairro Alto is its status as a fashion centre for the new upcoming Portuguese designers.

Every year, the district presents a generation of new designers during the annual fashion event of Lisbon, Moda Lisboa, an event that showcases the collections of its most renowned design houses to the world. Take a stroll, walk up and down the streets and typical alleys full of charm. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Place LuÌs de Camıes in the old lower district, adjoining the chic Chiado, then go up the narrow streets of Bairro Alto and its trendy bars and small original boutiques. Among the trendy bars are located many picturesque locations, such as the cafe Adega do Ribatejo.

Around the block

There is no better view in Lisbon over the river, the port and the district of Baixa, than from the Miradouro of Santa Catarina. This terrace, located in the lower part of Bairro Alto, has recently been renovated.
Taste the Tascamastai Tapas.
Everything is freshly prepared in-house, wine, beer of course, but also fruit and vegetable juices and vegetarian tapas.
Donít forget to taste the P„o Jo„o, a bread stuffed with cheese and chorizo baked in the oven and served hot, a real treat!
Tascamastai ó rua da Rosa, 14-a Bairro Alto
Enjoy a trip on the funicular in what is without a doubt the most charming elevator of Lisbon between Cais do Sodré to the Bairro Alto district (largo do Calhariz and Rua de S„o Paulo).
The Elevador da Bica was designed and constructed by the Portuguese engineer Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard.
The elevator was inaugurated on 28 June 1892. It was originally powered by a water system, then by a steam system, and was finally electrified in 1914.

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